It's been a long time since I've posted to my blog here. 2008 Was a really good year for me with my dieting and weight loss. The wu-yi tea diet turned out to be fantastic and quite frankly I'm surprised at myself for sticking to it! I usually jump all over the place when it comes to dieting.

Giving it all a good look, I think the secret to staying with the tea at least for me was the fact that it's easy to keep up with, tastes great, and I actually saw and was able to maintain results! I've had good results with other diets before, but honestly the wu-yi tea has been most successful for me.

Because of school I kinda lost track of my blog and didn't have the time to keep up with it. My schedule is more relaxed now so I hope to pick back up again. This blog is nothing in the big picture, but I enjoy writing my thoughts down and talking about my experiences. For anyone who happens to find this blog, I'll continue to post about my experience and thoughts on wu-yi tea. Plus there are a couple new "things" out in the dieting world I'm interested in trying which I might write about as well.


So far things are going quite well drinking wu-yi tea. Almost surprisingly so! When I first started looking into this stuff I really didn't think it would be that big a deal. I had heard tea can help to lose weight but I didn't realize how effective it can actually be.  I've lost another 5 pounds so far without much effort, pretty impressive for me.

I've been drinking tea from Generation Tea. Since picking up on wu-yi tea for weight loss I've seen this company mentioned several times so I tried them out for myself, I'm very pleased so far.

One of the most recent sites I've found is a wu-yi tea wiki. It's a pretty nice site with some basic information which also inlcudes a page on the various case studies that have documented the effectiveness of the tea in losing weight and other health benefits. It's an interested read. You can check out the site at the Wu-yi Tea Wiki.


I haven't posted in quite a while lately.  One, I got sidetracked slightly on yet another diet I stumbled across but more on that another day!  I've got some great news about wu-yi tea.

The Good - I have been drinking the tea about a week after I started my blog so it's been about a month now. I am very happy, no extremely happy to report that I have lost 10 pounds!  Hooray for me!  I've been looking around the web all over the place and have tried a few sites.  I decided on a company called Generation Tea.  I had seen this on another blog where the writer is documenting his results from using wu-yi tea and decided to give it a try myself.

The Bad - The bad, well this is kind of misleading, first it was bad but then it was good... I ordered my tea at Generation Tea  and unfortunately my order was messed up somehow.  So I made a phone call and told them it was the wrong order and I needed to have it taken care of.  To my surprise customer service was unbelievable!  Not only were they very nice and apologetic, they told me to keep the order they sent me by mistake and then express mailed my original order to me!  So whats the bad part? The bad part is I think I'm addicted to this stuff now lol!

The Ugly - The ugly? What ugly? The ugly is all gone baby, say goodbye to the belly!  In all honesty I could still stand to lose a few pounds but so far I'm pretty happy with losing 10 pounds.  I'm looking better and I actually do feel a bit better as well.  Anyway, I am pleasantly surprised by the results and by the tea!  I really didn't expect too much with this but I was wrong.

Next time I'll post about what kind of tea I have been drinking when I have more time.  Just had to "brag" and "showoff" my results! =p

ResourceGeneration Tea


I was google'n wu-yi tea today and came across a blog about losing weight with wu-yi tea.  What caught my attention right away was the before and after photos on the front page.  So I checked it out and basically the writer is documenting what he calls his "live case study" of losing weight with wu-yi tea. 

I didn't have time to read the whole thing as I was just about ready to head out for work, but what I did read I found rather interesting.  The writer claims to be a "simple dude" and is sharing his personal experience using wu-yi.  He apparently has lost 20 pounds in two months using the tea and looking at his photos it appears to be a valid claim.

So far what I like about his blog is his straightforwardness, simplicity, and giving real life information based on his own experience and use of wu-yi.  He doesn't appear to inject hype or bs and at times within the posts shares some good humor.  I'll definitely check this out more later and suggest you do the same before buying into wu-yi tea.  In fact I plan to follow along with his blog before I get too far into my own plan, why reinvent the wheel if hes found something that works!  I'll look into it more tonight and post again about if I find it worthwhile.  If you want to check it out now here's the link... wu-yi tea results


After looking into wu-yi tea a bit more I found out that I actually knew what it was, well kind of...  Wu-yi tea is another name for oolong tea which is probably more familiar with many of us than wu-yi.  When you see tea referred to as wu-yi tea, basically it means it is tea that has been harvested from the Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian Province of China.  One of the more prominent teas harvested being oolong tea.  Wu-yi tea is said to have originated over 400 years ago.

According to what I've read so far, oolong tea does in fact have credible health benefits.  In fact it apparently has been used in traditional chinese medicine for decades and is currently still used.  Out of the various health benefits is weight loss promotion.  It's no wonder then that with America's ever growing overweight population that us round eyes are being attracted to wu-yi tea.   It's all very interesting and I'm looking forward to sharing more about it soon.


As I stated under my about me section I'm a bit of a diet addict. I'm not really overweight but I always feel like I could lose a few pounds. We all could right? Plus everybody needs a hobby don't they? LoL. 

I tend to jump on the latest diet bandwagons, ride them out for a bit then jump off and jump onto another. It has always amazed me how the body can be transformed, like a very heavy individual losing a bunch of weight and looking like a totally different person!

My latest interest has been Wu-Yi Tea.  A friend of mine actually turned me onto it one day when she was joking around with me. Knowing how many different diets I'm always "on", she made a crack while we were at Starbucks one morning. "Have you had your wu-yi tea yet? Maybe they've added it to the menu...".

At the time I had no idea what she was talking about, thanks to her I now have added a new diet to my long diet checklist.  She apparently heard about it from an episode of oprah or something, of course I fired a crack right back at her for actually watching oprah.  And yes there are actually women who DO NOT watch oprah!

I guess I can't claim that wu-yi tea is a fad diet at the moment, at least not for me yet. I've just started trying it and I'm experimenting with the various brands. I'm also still learning about it and if I happen to make it past three weeks of using it, it won't be a fad for me =)

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