We're all familiar with the whole old "Ancient Chinese Secret" line.  Well, wu-yi tea fits the bill well with that saying.  Now that wu-yi tea, oolong tea, wulong tea,(all the same tea just different names) are getting popular and a bit of media exposure, people are rushing to get the "next big thing" in weight loss.

The funny thing is oolong tea has been around forever and in many circles the weight loss was a known fact.  It just shows how slapping a new or fancy name to something old can bring it back in fashion even if it's years and years old. 

The "power" of wu-yi tea is the "Polyphenol" found within the tea.  I won't go into a long medical explanation of what polyphenol is, and to be truthful I probably couldn't anyway!  But basically polyphenol is recognized as controlling obesity.  It activates enzymes responsible for dissolving triglycerides(contributes to excess fat build up).  In simple terms it enhances metabolism meaning you burn more calories.

From the material I have been reading, there are many clinical studies and documentation proving the weight loss ability of drinking wu-yi tea, or oolong tea on a regular basis.  I think it's amazing that such a natural source of controlling weight exists especially because there is so much hype out there on expensive diet systems and supplements that cost a fortune and do nothing for you!

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